Why do we grade our kids?

Gradings start at under 9s for boys and girls.

Grading is a fun way to start the season and get back into football.

Grading is an opportunity for your son or daughter to compete with the best players in the club as well as to even out the other teams so all players get a more even amount of touches during game day and you will find that the improvement in the teams below the first team is amazing after grading.

We do not grade every player into teams from top to bottom but rather give the children a chance to try out for the first team.  We, however, would like to see all players turn up to the grading day so we get to know all players and understand their levels of play and hence nominate them to a team in a matching division.

​If there is only one team in an age group there is no grading and if there are a lot of players that may warrant two top team’s we may grade for 2 teams but this is rare.

​We have been grading for many years and have fine-tuned the process so that experienced people who have no ties to the age group will be reviewing the players 4 core skills.  These skills are 1v1 (1 player versus another player), Running with the ball, Striking the Ball and how they manage their first touch.  As well as the 4 Core Skills we are also looking for Game Awareness, Game Management and their attitude to coaches and other players. The player's ratings from the graders and other comments taken on grading day will be reviewed with the previous year player assessment by coaches to produce the first team by the grading committee.

So please support the club as best you can in the grading process as it's a proven way to improve the children’s enjoyment of the game and boost the majority of players ability in the world game.

Who does the grading?

The grading team of 3 who volunteer to grade your child have been trained to grade per FFA guidelines.


No-one who is coaching or managing any of the children in your team will be on the grading team. This is to avoid bias.


Can I appeal my childs grading?

Yes you may appeal. It is unlikely that the decision will be changed however if there are extenuating circumstances then expections can be made.

What if I want my team to stay together and not get graded?

You can do this, but you need to ask us permission and anyone from that team who decides to be graded may be moved to another team.

When are the grading days?

To be decided. Please let us know your interest and as soon as we have the information we will get back to you.

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