Football NSW 2019 Insurance Information

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FNSW Insurance website

Insurance information for 2019 is available on the Football NSW Insurance website  

Please update this insurance link on your organisation’s webpage:


Insurances Provided

What is covered?  

Personal Accident

Public & Products Liability

Professional Indemnity

Management Liability

Claims Made Policy - It must be noted that the Management Liability policy is a claims made policy. This means that the policy indemnifies for claims first made against you and notified to the Insurer during the period of insurance. It is therefore extremely important that notification is given immediately to Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Pty Limited or the Insurer as soon as you are aware of a claim or any circumstance that may lead to a claim


2019 Certificates of Currency (CoC)

Public Liability insurance is provided by FNSW for Clubs, Branches, Associations and their member Clubs, Futsal Clubs and Centres affiliated with FNSW and Referee Branches.

A certificate of currency (CoC) is a document that provides proof of public liability insurance.

Certificates of Currency are now available for download on the FNSW Insurance Certificate of Currency webpage and will download as a PDF document

If your Council requires their name on the CoC as an “Interested Party”

  • Complete the Interested Party request form on the right side of the page

  • Insert the name of the Council as the “Interested Party”

  • Select Submit

  • Gow-Gates will email you the CoC

If for any reason your club is not listed or is listed incorrectly, please email


Injury Claim Process

Injury claim forms are now completed online through the claim’s portal on the FNSW Insurance website. 

The online claim process enables claimants to apply and upload documents and receipts online for quicker processing.

To lodge an injury claim, go to Lodge your Claim online

  • The claimant registers and completes the claim form online.

  • The Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement forms are both downloaded and printed by the claimant from the claim’s portal.

  • The Club Declaration is completed by the club and is then saved and uploaded to the claim’s portal by the claimant.

  • The Physician’s Statement is completed by the claimant’s Doctor or Specialist and is then saved and uploaded to the claim’s portal by the claimant.

  • Alternatively, these documents can be emailed to or posted to Gow-Gates Claims, PO Box 4731, Sydney NSW 2001.


Injury Claim Verifications

Claim verification is required for all injury claims.

Verification cannot occur until the Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement are uploaded or received by Gow-Gates.

State Leagues claims are verified by Gow-Gates in consultation with FNSW. 



For all enquiries regarding insurance, please contact Gow-Gates on (02) 8267 9999 or email